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Mid Hudson News – Deerpark Planning Board gets earful on New Century Film proposal
[Video] Public Hearing New Century Film 4.26.2023 Town of Deerpark Senior Center
[Audio] Public Hearing New Century Film 4.26.2023 Town Of Deerpark Senior Center
New Century Site Plans and Application Documents
NCF Docs Fellenzer Eng.
NCF Fusco Eng. Aug. 22
NCF Orange County Docs May
NCF Zach Kelson Attorney
Site Plan New Century
Comments from Fellinzer Engineering
Traffic Study
Deed Restrictions held by The Nature Conservancy
03.08.23 Cover Letter
21-488 Engineers Report 030823
03082023 SWPPP New Century Film
Consultant Reports and Letters
Site plan and application analysis from CEA Engineering
Letter from Attorney Chris Murray of RMF P.C.
Letter from Paul Rubin, Hydroquest LLC
Traffic study analysis from SIMCO Engineering
Planning Board Comments
New Century Comments1 _20230621_215730
New Century Comments Anthony Best_20230621_221941
New Century Comments Bob Zeller Deed Restrictions_20230621_223426
New Century Comments CEA Engineers Kevin Draganchuk_20230621_230703
New Century Comments Frank Coviello_20230621_222138
New Century Comments Grace Woodard_20230621_221352
New Century Comments Hydro Quest Paul Rubin_20230621_223625
New Century Comments Lois Harford_20230621_221750
New Century Comments Robert Zeller_20230621_221217
New Century Comments Ruskin Moscou Faltischek Christopher Murray_20230621_223923
New Century Comments Sarah Fields_20230621_221550
New Century Comments Simco Michael Monteleone_20230621_224343
Addl. Doc.
Robert Zeller Letter-02
Delaware Riverkeeper Network Letter – New Century 5.24.23
TNC Letter 1989
Town of Deerpark PB Minutes 2.23.1988
Town of Deerpark PB Minutes 2.29.1989
Town of Deerpark PB Minutes 3.22.1988
Letter from Robert Zeller